Friday, April 22, 2011

Crazy but not stupid!!!

One truck driver was doing his usual load

delivery at a mental hospital,

by parking his vehicle beside an open drain.

He discovered a flat Tyre when he was

about to return from the mental hospital.

He jacked up the truck and removed

the flat Tyre to fix the spare Tyre.

When he was about to fix the spare Tyre,

he accidentally dropped all the four bolts

in the open drain.

As he cannot fish the bolts in the open drain,

he started to panic as to what should be done?

Just then, one patient happened to walk past

him and asked the driver as to why

he was looking troubled.

The driver thought to himself,

since there is nothing much he can do

or this mental joker can.

Just to keep the bugging away,

the truck driver informed the whole episode

to the mental patient and gave

a helpless look.

The patient just laughed at the truck driver

and said you just cannot even fix

such a simple problem?

No wonder you are destined to remain

a truck driver for life.

The truck driver was astonished to

hear such a compliment from a mental guy.

Here is what you can do said the mental guy.

Take one bolt from each of the

remaining three Tyre's/wheels and fix it

on to this Tyre. Then drive down to the

nearest workshop and replace the

missing ones.

Isn't it simple my friend!!!!

The truck driver was so impressed

with this quick fix answer and asked

the patient, how come you are so smart

and intelligent and you are here at the mental hospital?

The patient replied...

hello friend! I stay here because

I am crazy but not stupid.

No wonder, there are some people,

who behave like the Truck Driver,

thinking that others are just stupid.

So, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, though you all are learned

and wise, but, just watch out, there

could be some CRAZY guys in our

professional / personal lives, who

could give us lot of quick fixes

and brush our wisdom.

The moral of the story is -
Just do not conclude that you know everything and do not judge people by mere looks/attire stature or academic background.

Maksud firman Allah SWT di dalam Surah Luqman: 18,

" Dan janganlah kamu memalingkan mukamu dari manusia (kerana sombong) dan janganlah kamu berjalan di muka bumi dengan angkuh. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyukai orang-orang yang sombong lagi membangga diri . "


dean said...

tk phm

Al-Wardah said...

ringksnya, camnilah ceritanya...pemandu trak pesakit mental ni nak tukar tayar. sekali skru pada tyar yg dia nk ganti tu jatuh di dlm longkang. Tak dpt nak ambl. Kemudian, pesakit mental tu tanyalah ada apa masalah dgn tayar tu. Pemandu tu ckplah, tak boleh nak pasang tayar ni sebab ke empt2 skru dah jatuh dlm longkang. Pesakit mental tu suruhlah pemandu tu, ambl dari 3 biji tayar yg ada tu sebutir skru kemudian pasanglah pada tayar yg ke empat tu..dah siap bawalah trak tu ke kedai tayar yg brdktn. Pemandu tu tnyalah kat pesakit mental tu,awk memang pandailah tetapi knpa awk masuk hospital sakit mental? Pesakit mental tu jwb, sbb dia sakit mental tapi bkn bodoh...lbh kurg camtulah ceritanya...

dean said...

ouh mcm tuh

Al-Wardah said...

moral story ni, jgn kita menilai seseorg dgn melihat fizikal @ l/blkgnya ttpi lihatlah kpd pndgnnya yg bernas dan berguna utk semua org..